First Saturday: June

A Girl can Never have Too Many Pearls!

14KYG natural golden South SeaPearls, once the privilege of royalty and the privileged, are seen today in different colors, sizes and shapes and worn in so many different ways….

We have Japanese Akoyas, South Sea, Tahitian & Cook Island pearls and the many colors, shapes and sizes of Chinese Freshwater pearls.

The original Add-a-Pearl necklaces continue to be a wonderful tradition.

Some of the more unique ones, such as pearls we call angel wings, come from here in the US, in Tennessee. Yes, I said Tennessee!

I promise you, I’ve never met a pearl I didn’t love. And once you see the variety available, you will love them too!

Click to enlarge photos – please note that some of the items below are custom designs that have been delivered and are not available except by custom design.

First Saturday: June

Who says diamonds are a girl’s best friend…when there are PEARLS!

For centuries, women have adorned themselves with pearls. From royalty with pearls sewn on their gowns to a strand of pearls often given as a wedding gift to be worn on special occasions.

Thank goodness these days we are wearing them in all colors and sizes for all occasions. And fashion forward men are often seen with a single Tahitian pearl on a black cord around their neck.

Pearls we wear often need to be cleaned and checked regularly. One of the easiest ways to tell if your knotted strand needs re-stringing is to see if you can move one of the pearls back and forth between the knot on either side of it. If it moves, it’s time for re-stringing!    We will clean them at the time we re-string them.

Father’s Day is coming soon and we have a few fun items to suggest. A great looking key ring, sterling silver with wood inlay, a sterling silver money clip ready for engraving and last but not at all least, my Dad’s 30-30 rifle shell writing pens in several different finishes.

From My Father To Yours

From My Father To “Yours”

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First Saturday: April

Flowers…that last forever!  (The very best kind.)

Sterling Silver Gemstone and Pearl Necklaces

December: Holiday Party and Trunk Show

Gemstones and Pearls…

Beautiful pearl jewelry created by award-winning designer Lee McIntosh and the most unique gemstone jewelry by Ande’ will be our stars of the party.  We’ll have a great giveaway every hour!

Many of these pieces will only be in the showroom for one day so don’t miss your opportunity to see them.

Come make your Holiday wish list!

December 6th, 2014
10am – 4pm (extended hours)

Mimosas as always and holiday nibbles!

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Gemstones or Pearls?

I’m often asked what gemstones or pearls to purchase on holiday. It’s important to deal with whomever your guide recommends. The price might not be the lowest, but your chances of returning home with a natural gemstone or genuine cultured pearl are much greater.

Please don’t save your pearls for special occasions only! Do remember to put them on after hair and makeup is done.

Consult Your Jeweler

First of all, it’s always best to choose and consult with your jeweler (me!), then let your jeweler (me!) bring you a selection of the best diamonds, gemstones or pearls tailored to your desires.

With guidance, you will be able to make the best choice (and investment) for you and your loved one.