First Saturday: June

A Girl can Never have Too Many Pearls!

14KYG natural golden South SeaPearls, once the privilege of royalty and the privileged, are seen today in different colors, sizes and shapes and worn in so many different ways….

We have Japanese Akoyas, South Sea, Tahitian & Cook Island pearls and the many colors, shapes and sizes of Chinese Freshwater pearls.

The original Add-a-Pearl necklaces continue to be a wonderful tradition.

Some of the more unique ones, such as pearls we call angel wings, come from here in the US, in Tennessee. Yes, I said Tennessee!

I promise you, I’ve never met a pearl I didn’t love. And once you see the variety available, you will love them too!

Click to enlarge photos – please note that some of the items below are custom designs that have been delivered and are not available except by custom design.