First Saturday: April

April Showers… Nothing sparkles quite like a shower of diamonds!

14K WG YG champagne diaDiamonds are found in many different color varieties depending on where in the world they’re mined. Our pink diamonds are rare and found primarily in Australia. We’re more accustomed to seeing white and yellow diamonds.

My favorites are what we call champagne diamonds. Champagnes are found in the palest of pale beige to as dark as a cognac color.

At 18, my father gave me my first pair of diamond stud earrings. Back in those days, we described the color as top light brown. They were very slightly pinky beige in color and very sparkly!

A few years later, our industry gave them the name ‘champagne’ and created a color scale to identify the colors.

Diamond beads in all colors are often seen in necklace and earring designs. Briolette cuts are faceted pear shapes. And, yes, sometimes they are drilled at the top for attaching.

Another favorite of mine are the rose cuts, faceted on the top with a flat bottom. It’s an old cut that is popular again.

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