Christmas Gift Ideas

Are you looking for a Christmas gift idea for that special someone?

Whether it’s a stocking stuffer from $5 to $15, a string of pearls, a gemstone beaded necklace, or “Rock Kandy”, we have something for everyone.

We even have items for that special guy on your shopping list!

Come by and let us help you find that special Christmas gift.


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First Saturday: First Impressions Collection

Sterling Silver PendantsIntroducing The First Impressions® Collection – now at JD Designs!

These jewelry pieces capture the essence of what is most important to people – love and relationships. Tangible reminders of the touch of someone that you want to have close to you forever.

Whether worn by a new mom, by a spouse of a distant soldier, in support of a person who is battling a life threatening illness, or in memory of someone who has passed, they simply reflect the notion, “I need you to be with me – always.”

Now you can capture precious prints of the ones you love in either Sterling Silver or 14K Gold. The process is simple and only takes seconds. The result is a keepsake that will be treasured for generations. Customize your print by adding a birthstone or diamond bail. Or add a truly personal bead to your bracelet, and engrave your very own message on the back.

Come by and let us show you the line.  Order now for Holiday Gift Giving!

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First Saturday: Your Name in Lights!

Well we have the perfect way to make that happen!

And you’re not alone…

What started as a strictly practical way of identifying personal belongings, personalization has evolved into a great branding tool for one’s personal identity.

Your handwritten signature, initials or family motto can be reproduced in any variety of metals with or without gemstones.

One of our favorite custom creations are topsy turvy name and initial pendants, both up & down and abstract, some with favorite gemstones.
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Second Saturday: Alternative Materials for September

We hear so much about alternative materials in the jewelry industry these days. Titanium, ceramic and stainless steel to name a few.

We’d rather think about rocks and wood!  And here are the results…

And just because it’s not a gemstone doesn’t mean it can’t be used in a different way.

We attached her dad’s watch to a silver tone frame with an open back so the engraving on back was visible.

And this is the perfect way to wear an inherited mother’s diamond dress watch!

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First Saturday: Peridot for August

Peridot is a gemstone with a fascinating history, both in nature and culture…

Peridot GemstoneIt is one of the oldest known gemstones, with ancient records documenting the mining of peridot from as early as 1500 B.C. It is a gem especially connected with ancient Egypt, and some historians believe that the famous emeralds of Cleopatra were actually peridot gems.

Peridot in its finest quality is one of the most beautiful green gemstones we have! Originally found in Egypt and Burma, sources today include Brazil, Arizona and New Mexico.

The larger stones are rarer, thus more expensive. Smaller stones are more available. Warm soapy baths are best for our peridot jewelry. Sonic cleaners and steam cleaners are a no no.

A soft stone, we often save it for pendants, pins and earrings. Save it for special occasions when worn in a ring, not every day wear!

Many of my August birthday friends and my sister have never liked peridot because all they’ve ever seen is a pale washed out simulated stone. My hope is we’ve been able to change that opinion with our photos of the beautiful peridot!!

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Second Saturday: Christmas in July!

Short and sweet this month: Chistmas in July HALF PRICE SALE is coming up!

Friday, July 8th 11am – 6pm and Saturday, July 9th 10am – 2pm.

Mimosas as always!

See additional examples of our sales items on our Facebook page

Christmas In July

First Saturday: June

A Girl can Never have Too Many Pearls!

14KYG natural golden South SeaPearls, once the privilege of royalty and the privileged, are seen today in different colors, sizes and shapes and worn in so many different ways….

We have Japanese Akoyas, South Sea, Tahitian & Cook Island pearls and the many colors, shapes and sizes of Chinese Freshwater pearls.

The original Add-a-Pearl necklaces continue to be a wonderful tradition.

Some of the more unique ones, such as pearls we call angel wings, come from here in the US, in Tennessee. Yes, I said Tennessee!

I promise you, I’ve never met a pearl I didn’t love. And once you see the variety available, you will love them too!

Click to enlarge photos – please note that some of the items below are custom designs that have been delivered and are not available except by custom design.

First Saturday: May

43543504_sMay flowers for Mom!  

April showers bring May flowers, both in color and design!

Flowers that last a lifetime…many of our gemstones are carved into interesting animal shapes and flowers. Here’s a beautiful sampling of what’s possible.

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First Saturday: April

April Showers… Nothing sparkles quite like a shower of diamonds!

14K WG YG champagne diaDiamonds are found in many different color varieties depending on where in the world they’re mined. Our pink diamonds are rare and found primarily in Australia. We’re more accustomed to seeing white and yellow diamonds.

My favorites are what we call champagne diamonds. Champagnes are found in the palest of pale beige to as dark as a cognac color.

At 18, my father gave me my first pair of diamond stud earrings. Back in those days, we described the color as top light brown. They were very slightly pinky beige in color and very sparkly!

A few years later, our industry gave them the name ‘champagne’ and created a color scale to identify the colors.

Diamond beads in all colors are often seen in necklace and earring designs. Briolette cuts are faceted pear shapes. And, yes, sometimes they are drilled at the top for attaching.

Another favorite of mine are the rose cuts, faceted on the top with a flat bottom. It’s an old cut that is popular again.

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First Saturday: March

The Greens of March…

14K Yellow Gold with Opal, Peridot and EmeraldsNot all green stones are Emerald!

  • Tourmaline – originally brought from Sri Lanka to Europe by the Dutch East India Co. It is one of several gemstones still found and mined here in the States and occurs in other colors such as blue and pink as well as bi-color and tri-color specimens.   Learn more about Tourmaline
  • Peridot – one of a few gemstones that occur in only one color. The intensity and tint of the green depends on how much iron is in the crystal. August is the month for peridot.  Learn more about Peridot
  • Tsavorite – is the green color variety of garnet originally discovered in 1967 in Tanzania. It is rare in gem quality and more frequently seen in smaller size stones.  Learn more about Tsavorite Garnet
  • Turquoise – and of course we can’t pass by turquoise in honor of the Houston Rodeo & Livestock show!

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